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What are recruiters really looking for?

Due to the high demand for its graduates, Passmores College operates an internal recruitment division. Not only does the college place graduates into entry-level roles upon graduation, it also assists the local business community with their recruitment needs across all industries and position levels.

Tarra Carmen is not only Academic Manager at the college but also head of the recruitment division at Passmores. Here she answers your questions and shares her tips on what she looks for when selecting the perfect candidate…

  • When you are looking to employ someone what are the key skills you look for? I look at the skills relevant to the position, but more importantly overall I look for skills that are hard to “teach” – professionalism, confidence, strong organisational skills, leadership skills and potential to be a future role model for the organisation.
  • What are some key characteristics and traits of an ideal candidate? It is very important to not extend the truth on your resume, recruiters check references, dates, and qualifications and if you have lied on your resume it will not reflect well upon yourself.
  • What stands out on a resume and cover letter? Error free, professional and appealing format but easy to read and locate information. Correctly listing details such as employment details and qualifications makes life easier for a recruiter. Ensure that your resume is in correct chronological order. All details are listed, do not make the recruiter try and source more information such as email address or contact number, it should all be listed on your resume.
  • What are you looking for when you interview a candidate? Meets the criteria of the position, meets the culture of the organisation and they have researched the position and the company in which they are applying for. It makes a great impression if you have taken the time to read about what the company is about, it shows you are genuinely interested in the position.
  • What are the big no-no’s of applying and interviewing for jobs? Swearing, becoming too comfortable and losing professionalism. Bagging previous employers, the workforce is a small world you never know who knows who so be careful – keep personal opinions of a business to yourself. Be careful not to go into too much detail, keep your conversation relevant to the job position.