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"Practicum taught me the skills I need to be able to interact in the work force and the opportunity to see how the business world worked. I was able to complete a component of my practicum at a local Radio Station and experience how the Marketing & Promotions side of radio worked. Prac was a fantastic and valuable experience. - Emily"

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Practicum –  Your Doorway to Employment! 

One of the key distinctiveness in our learning program is the inclusion of a compulsory practicum (work experience) component to the curriculum. Practicum runs for four weeks and occurs once the theory-based content of the course is completed.

The program allows students to experience a real workplace/s and workplace culture. It also provides a valuable opportunity to put the new knowledge, skills and attitudes learned at Passmores College into practice for employers to see. Students are encouraged to choose placement in the industry that they have a passion for. Students are encouraged to find placement where they see themselves working once their studies are completed.

Whilst it is predominantly the students http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/celebrex responsibility to secure practicum placement, the Passmores team assist the students and provide them with the support needed to secure the right work placement that best fits their future career goals.

Another fabulous benefit of practicum is that often many of our students find ongoing employment with their provider once the program is finalised. In the past up to 65% of Passmores students are employed from their practicum experience and the remainder employed after graduation.

Practicum is a fabulous experience to immerse yourself in the business world and a great way to establish a foundation for your future aspirations and career achievements.


*Please not that practicum is an unpaid work placement experience.