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Are your staff needing motivation? Unity? Team building?

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Are your staff in need of motivation? Unity? Team building?

Then consider Corporate Coaching by Passmores.

Corporate coaching is conducted as a free-spirited, humorous motivational seminar (or series of seminars). It is not scripted, utilises no equipment and varies according to the advised and/or perceived needs of the participants.

Content coverage will, however, normally include the following components:

  1. The importance of image – personal & company
  2. Understanding potential
  3. Goal setting (personal & professional)
  4. Effective thinking
  5. Motivation, perseverance & follow-up
  6. Barriers – avoiding negativity
  7. Myths of procrastination & time management
  8. Fitness (diet, exercise & work)
  9. Self-evaluation
  10. Moulding management & staff

For more information contact us now and we can tailor a corporate coaching seminar to meet your organisations needs.