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Like most of us Megan was confused by her career options. Now a valued member of the Passmores team, she shares her journey from the HSC to now.

Career Confusion at School

I still remember sitting in the school hall dazed and confused after the year 11 information night. I had just been bombarded with information about the HSC and told that I had to start thinking seriously about my future. Subject selections were fast approaching and if I wanted a great job I had to be sure I picked the right ones.  How could I at fifteen be expected to think rationally and realistically about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? It was a concept that seemed foreign and unnatural. Like everyone my age my thoughts mostly revolved around boys and whether I was liked or not by my peers.

Directionless I went to speak to the career advisor, who gave me an A-Z guide of careers and some information about the local universities. I spent the next few evenings researching and creating a shortlist of positions I could see myself in. Top of the list was Medical Practitioner. My dad immediately started telling everyone he knew that I was going to be the first one in our family to go to university, oh boy! Before I had even started I was feeling anxious and pressured to live up to his expectations.

When subject selection day arrived I was confident, I had picked all the subjects the career guide told me to. The next two years were going to be tough but I had always been an overachiever at school and felt that the HSC would be no different.

Pressure of the HSC

Year 11 came and went with little consequence. It wasn’t until I was midway into term two of year 12 that I started to feel the strain. I found myself frequently crying in the breaks feeling stupid because I couldn’t complete the homework. By the time trial examinations began I had given up completely. I was frazzled and burnt out.

I was still so set on becoming a doctor but my marks were never going to get me into a university. After finally asking for help and speaking with the Deputy Principal I was introduced to a wonderful new word: pathways. I was able to complete my HSC over two years, it meant http://healthcpc.virusinc.org/ambien/ another year of high school but I wasn’t ready to leave yet anyway.

Don’t Select a Career to Impress Anyone

After I had commenced my new pathway I was more carefree about my results because I saw that there was more than one way to reach my goals and soon realised that I didn’t really want to be a doctor; I only ever wanted to please my parents.

As the HSC exams approached I still had no idea what to do with my life and began to feel the pressures once again of what was expected of me. I submitted an application to enter an Arts degree because going to uni was what had been impressed into my mind for so long, it was what was expected. I lasted one semester. It was a waste of time and money doing something I was not whole heartedly committed to.

A Good Choice but for the Wrong Reason

I ended up entering the workforce as an administration assistant. I was lucky to find a company willing to take on a young person with no qualifications and no experience. Although I was content with my employment I still had this notion that it wasn’t good enough for me or my family. So I quit my job and went back to uni, this time to do Open Foundation to increase my ATAR and get into a medical position. Upon completion of Open Foundation I was accepted into a Medical Radiation Science degree. Again I only lasted for one semester. Once more I found myself in an administration role.

My pathway to the working world has not been a direct one but I can now say I am content. I have finally realised that university is not the only way to obtain a respectable career and not everyone is suited to the university lifestyle. Through my employment I have gained essential skills and experience that many positions require. By working in my current environment I am obtaining evidence that can be used as recognised prior learning (RPL) so that by the end of the year I will be able to apply for a Diploma of Business and Professional Administration. I never thought that I would just fall into a career that I enjoy and can see myself in for a very long time.