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Hopefully with the HSC beginning on Thursday most of you will be well prepared for your upcoming exams. However, if you are guilty of procrastinating (don’t worry, you’re not the only one) and are planning on a massive cram session we have some tips for you to help remember all those pages of texts.

Firstly, you need to determine what type of learner you are. There are four main types of learning: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic. You may identify with one or a blend of the four.

Visual learners rely on imagery. Try to condense your thoughts and content into a mind map, one page of information is easier to remember than several. Start colour coding your notes, associate different topics with different colours. Highlighting and pictures will help keep your notes interesting long enough to learn them.

A great tip for auditory learners is to start listening to music whilst studying but be sure to keep it calm and at a slower tempo. Listening to specific songs for specific topics can help trigger memory of content. Another way of retaining information is recording your http://artsandhealth.ie/topamax/ essays onto an audio file and listening to it on repeat or recite your content out loud.

Reading/ Writing learners can absorb a lot of information by having their nose in the textbook for hours. Take a break and write out little quizzes to ensure you understand the content. Create summaries for each area of study, then summarise them again until you have one double-sided page of notes. Again, it is much easier to remember one page of information than several. Flash cards are also another great way to test your knowledge and can also be used to help study with friends.

Kinesthetic learners are very hands-on and learn best by doing. Start thinking about ways you can learn through actions. If you have trouble remembering how projectile motion works, get up and throw a ball. Need to remember what Juliet says to Romeo? Act out the dialogue! If you are concerned about working out probability flip a coin or put coloured marbles into a bag.

We tend to learn a lot more through experiences so keep your study interesting and tailored to you.