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With the HSC fast approaching some of you may be confident and ready to take on the world whilst others might be feeling overwhelmed and scared about what happens next. Most of your peers will apply to university, lots will enter a trade, and some will go straight into employment, whilst a few will do nothing at all. No matter what career path you choose always remember that there is more than one way to get there.

If your ATAR is not what you were hoping for do not fret! Many Universities now offer alternative pathways into their http://www.eta-i.org/ambien.html degrees via enabling programs, tertiary admissions testing and partnerships with other training organisations.

Some registered training organisations are a great place to start if you are unsure about what career you want to get into. They offer shorter qualifications than universities to get you into the workforce sooner and some courses can be used as recognised prior learning (RPL) to enter relative degrees if you choose to further your studies.

The best thing you can do is to ask for help. Speak to your career advisor about alternative pathways to get you where you want to be.